Professional development

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it…

…is to adopt and adapt the Teaching and Learning strategies you read here!

We are immensely excited to welcome you to the Sarah Bonnell Teaching and Learning blog!

The aim of the blog is to provide a platform for all Sarah Bonnell practitioners and friends to share and implement ideas and strategies that can be adopted or adapted in every classroom.

Each fortnight, a strategy will be shared in a blog and we would like you to trial and share how you have used the strategies using the blog’s comments box.

If  you would like to get involved with the Teaching and Learning blog, we would love to hear from you. Please approach the Teaching and Learning team or use the ‘Contact Us’ form. 

Thank you!

The Sarah Bonnell Teaching and Learning Team 

Student voice

Sarah Bonnell Student Learning Ambassadors

Hi! This is Aimanah and Aliyah, representatives of the Teaching and Learning Ambassadors.

We are extremely excited to be given the opportunity to write the first entry for the ‘SB Pedagogy’ blog. At Sarah Bonnell, we value the excellent teaching that we receive, which consequently enables us to achieve the best in every lesson.

Recently, the Teaching and Learning Ambassadors have been attending training sessions at Rokeby School, collaborating with students at Rokeby and Lister. The training has helped us understand what makes effective learning and how to identify this in the classroom.

This is where you come in. We need your support as we would like teachers to volunteer their lessons to help us implement our training. We would like to undertake lesson looks which will focus on the learning and students NOT the teacher. It is essentially an investigation into how students learn best and what resources are required to enhance this.

Please keep in mind that all observations are highly confidential, focusing on the positive aspects of the lesson only.

We are really looking forward to working with you and capturing what makes learning a fantastic experience for all here at Sarah Bonnell.  

We hope we have persuaded you to get involved in our Teaching and Learning challenge.

Thank you for reading!

Aimanah and  Aliyah